Grilled fillet of beef with roast potatoes, spinach and Cafe de Paris butter
Slow cooked Tuscan beef stew with polenta and cavalo nero
Roast rib eye of beef with chantrelles, pommes Anna and a Bordelaise sauce
Roast rack of lamb with a parmesan and caraway crust, butternut squash purée and cavalo nero
Roast leg of lamb with potato, celeriac and goat cheese Dauphinoise with cabbage and salsa verde
Pan roast chicken breast with potato purée and wild mushrooms
Duck breast with roasted shallots, spinach, pancetta and sautéed potatoes
Duck confit with pommes Anna and red cabbage
Osso bucco with risotto Milanese

Herb crusted cod loin with wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes
Brill, cavalo nero, colcannon and fish cream

Mushroom tart with blue cheese rarebit
Cauliflower and date tagine with Tunisian pilaf
Sweetcorn polenta with aubergine sauce and spinach
Sautéed squid with tomatoes, garlic and parsley